We are always in need of able men and women. If Light Infantry is a thing for you or you wish it to be in the future: let us talk. We will answer every request and ghost no one - send your speculative application to [email protected].

Current Opportunities

Drone Instructor

This position is no longer available.

Infantry Instructor

You are an experienced NCO in the infantry or just retired from service? Great, let us talk. We offer you all the stuff that is great with light infantry - but without underperforming officers & bureaucracy.

Arctic Instructor

You are familiar with arctic & mountain warfare? You led men through the snow and to the peak? Perfect. Join us to find new challenges.

Close Combat Instructor

You are an experienced MIL/LE instructor for close combat? You have long years of practice in at least one additional martial art (preferably BJJ)? We have a job for you.

Signals Instructor

You are a crack with communications equipment? You have experience as a military instructor? Join the team & pass the knowledge to those in need.

Special Female Instructor

You are/were an instructor in the military? We want to motivate more women to join for service. Help us to ignite the passion in others.