Ambush Course 

+ Ambush Tactics
+ Fireteam-/Squad-Tactics 

+ Rifleman Training Requirements
+ Mission Planning & Ambush Site

Place: Arnstein, Germany
Date: 20.09.24 (NEW!)

Assault Course 

+ Leadership
+ Assault Tactics
+ Penetration of Buildings
+ Penetration of Fortifications

Place: Seedorf, Germany
Date: 30.09. - 3.10.24 (4 days)

Patrol Leader Course

+ Leadership
+ Reconnaissance Tactics
+ Combat Patrol at Day/Night
+ Operation of unmanned systems

Place: tbd
Date: tbd 2025 (4 days)

Flexible Defence Course

+ Leadership
+ Flexible Defence Tactics
+ Strongholds & Counterattacks
+ Repulse of Armoured Vehicles

Place: tbd
Date: tbd 2025 (4 days)

The Light Infantry Way 

Apply what you have learned: This course consists of a pre-deployment training day and a 36-hour-exercise in the field packed with intense learning experiences to test the performance of our standing fireteams.

Important: Only for BLTP-students!

Candidates will receive an invitation