The Battle Lab

Light Infantry forces of tomorrow need to be old-school and high-end at the same time. Discipline, physical strength, morale and excellent marksmanship are hard to achieve and still essential on the modern battlefield. But if you want to generate superior units, you need to manage a deep integration of new technologies into your force structure too. The change is huge and effects everything from basic instruction to combat. We understand that. The Battle Lab is ready to make this change simpler and quicker.

What is a BattleLab?

A Battle Laboratory is an important tool for the military to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world. By helping the force to develop new concepts, technologies and equipment, they can help to ensure deterrence or victory.

Leadership Consulting

In a fast changing world, there remains at least one constant on the battlefield: Leadership is the single most important factor. No technology can replace the will of a tough leader. We dedicated ourselves to the path of Extreme Ownership years ago and it pays off for our clients. It does not matter which problem you face or what kind of industry you are operating in - we show you how to develop a winning, high performing team.

Applied Neuroscience 

The research in neurobiology of the human brain has made giant leaps forward in the last couple of years. We teach individuals and whole units to apply the new knowledge to achieve better results in combat performance. Neuroscience provides the baseline of professional training regimes of future forces. Our methods are extremely cost-effective and can be implemented in any organization within very short time frames.

Reducing Signature

The increasingly transparent battlefield is a tremendous challenge for infantry forces. Although the biggest factor might be enormous discipline in movement planning and camouflage, there are technologies that can further reduce the risk of detection. We team up with leaders in the industry to make clothing, weapons, optical systems and gear less likely to be seen or heard. Additionally we help light infantry units to establish new training standards for the modern battlefield. 

Increasing Mobility

Everyone who served in the infantry knows that there is nothing "light" about light infantry. Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown the dramatic need to reduce weight and bulk without sacrificing capabilities. Durable equipment gets lighter, tougher and more multi-functional every year. At the same time new means of transportation for increased mobility and speed on the battlefield become available and less expensive. We assist manufacturers in pre-troop trials and advice military forces on the most promising and cost-effective procurement opportunities.

Unmanned Systems

Drones are now everywhere: In the air, on the ground and at sea. They can operate remote-controlled, team up with human forces or be sent in swarms to overcome the most sophisticated defence weapons at low cost. The integration of small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) into infantry forces is demanding but of great potential. We support the growing industry for unmanned systems with pre-troop trials and aid in the force integration of final products. We can also assist in the development of military SOP's and initial instruction.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The training of light infantry and special forces is not only time-consuming, but also increasingly expensive. The simulation of combat-related tasks through VR or the enhancement of current methods through AR has the potential to reduce cost and provide more realistic scenarios. The variations in application seem endless: Marksmanship, TCCC, decision making, urban warfare and many more topics are already available. We help designers of VR/AR systems to provide ready-to-use scenarios that is relevant for their military customers.

Artificial Intelligence

It is hard to grasp the limits of future applications of AI. Today it seems likely that it will affect every aspect of human life sooner or later - especially war. This disruptive development can not be ignored. We are ready to think in every dimension to make the AI-supported light infantry a successful force on the next battlefield.

Documentation & Reports

Our instructors seem to be gung-ho, pure practicians. But we do not lack the ressources to provide the proper bureaucratic necessities you will need. Pre-Troop Trials and other services will always include detailed reports with scientific claim. Our head instructors are former infantry officers and hold academic degrees. They know how to write.