Battle Lab 

Training Program

Are you ready for more? Challenge yourself at INSPECTION! If selected you will be trained up to our STANDARD and given the possibility to be part of our Battle Lab Cadre.

The INSPECTION (2 days)

This selection event consists of a series of tests that provide us with data on our students overall-performance level. Due to our high quality standards regarding our Battle Lab services, we can only accept the very best of our students for BLTP. Check if you have what it takes!

Nevermind your personal outcome, we provide you with a detailed assessment report on your character, physical/mental limits and leadership abilities.

Next INSPECTION: 7./8.06.2024
Follow Up: Summer 2025

Battle Lab Training Program (BLTP)

With you as a part of BLTP, everyone wins. You will be trained to meet our STANDARD at a lower price rate. In exchange, we are able to raise small units from our student pool to conduct trials for NATO-forces and the industry.

When you are part of BLTP you unlock several benefits:
+ 10% discount on all courses
+ access to exclusive BLTP-events
+ permanent assignment to a Fireteam

The available spots are limited to 36 active members plus support personnel.


Based on the vast experience of our instructors we have set ourselves a high standard in several capability categories. This includes every aspect of light infantry operations such as

+ Combat Mindset & Individual Discipline

+ Radio Communications & Land Navigation 

+ Leadership & Tactics up to company level 

+ Marksmanship & Tactical Combat Casualty Care