Recommended Reading List

All our trainers see themselves as lifetime-students of combat. This requires extensive study, exercise and an open mind. We do not create cool-looking procedures for Youtube-glory, but use combat-proven methods that are advocates by experienced trainers. We do not see why we should hide these valuable roots from you. On every course, you will be told, why we are using a specific method or tactical approach and where it emerged. All the books that we recommend here, already made an appearance in our Strategy & Tactics Podcast. This list gets updated regularly, so keep track!

Fight at Night

Andy Stanford (1999)

This is nothing less then the industry-standard on Nightfighting. Well-written, it covers tactics, human factors as well as equipment possibilities. In the regard of the latest night vision technology it is now outdated, but the principles for the Fight at Night are still viable. This book earned its place on the bookshelf of every tactical trainer that is worth the name.

Carbine and Shotgun Speed Shooting

Steve Moses (2002)

Focused on long guns, long-time tactical trainer Steve Moses gives you lessons learned on how to achieve speed of action. The book covers various techniques including ready positions with AR-type rifles and shotguns as well as some very useful aspects on the fast application of shooting fundamentals.

The Tactical Edge

Charles Remsberg (1985)

One of the best books on the design of reality-based tactical training programmes of all time. Heavy law-enforcement focus, but nevertheless of great interest for civilian and military trainers too. Very intense and well-written chapter on the physical and psychological reaction sof the human body in high-stress situations.

Shooting from Within

J. Michael Plaxco (1991)

Solid shooters will benefit to great extent from the interesting explanations and views written down by world-renowned competition shooter Plaxco. As with every book that has its origin in sports, be aware that tactical training is not compatible in every aspect, so check if you have sound fundamentals in advance. You can avoid the development of training scars this way. 

Killing Zone

Gary Stubblefield, Mark Monday (1994)

The ambush is propably the most important light infantry tactic after the principle of fire & movement. This very comprehensive book lays out all the details how to conduct different types of ambushes in tactical terms. The use of weapons is not the main theme in this book, but it is nevertheless a good, complementary read for alumni of our Ambush Course.

Practical Shooting

Brian Enos (1990)

World-class competition shooter Brian Enos has written a book that goes deep into detail, how the mechanics of shooting work for him. This is nothing for beginners and should not be the start of the journey. But if you already have digested a few good books on shooting from this list, you will definitely benefit from his interesting writing.

Hitting in Combat

Dustin Salomon (2021)

Mr. Salomon is one of the newer figures in the training industry. Nevertheless his approach in the combination of proven methods with applied neuroscience is unique. This book is focused on the age-old discussion on the benefits of aimed vs. point shooting.

To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak The Truth

Jeff Cooper (1998)

The founding father of modern combat shooting has written several books, but this one is special. It is filled with timeless lessons on combat mindset and general rifleman knowledge. If you can get your hands on an old original, like the pictured edition, take it! This is not a book on shooting, it is rifled literature.

Tactical Reality

Louis Awerbuck (1999)

One of the pioneers in the field of more realistic combat marksmanship training. Louis Awerbuck was well known for his creative target solutions and his purely outcome-based look on tactical education. The book is a big sample of articles he published over a decade, mostly for the well-known SWAT magazine. Great humor!

Quick Training for War

Robert Baden-Powell (1914)

A veteran of the Boer Wars and founder of the international scout movement, Robert Baden-Powell has a thing to say about training. The "four C's of soldiering" described in this book are timeless and still define core-qualities of a good infantryman.

Tactical Pistol Marksmanship

Gabe Suarez (2001)

One of the most controversial trainers in the industry, but also one of the most prolific in terms of writing down their knowledge, is Gabe Suarez. Although we do not advocate all of his teaching, his books are worth the reading. He is one of the pioneers in modern force-on-force training. We recommend this book for students, that already have a working knowledge of the fundamentals.


Patrick McNamara (2008)

McNamara served for 22 years in the SF-units of the United States Army, including 1st SFOD-D. He gained vast experience as a marksmanship trainer in the military and in business. His teaching and innovative way of explaining the fundamentals heavily influenced the design of our courses on marksmanship. Get sum!

Surgical Speed Shooting

Andy Stanford (2001)

He is a heavyweight in the training industry: Andy Stanford. He influenced the view on marksmanship within the USMC and of a vast number of Law Enforcement agencies in the US. He defined what it means to be an open-minded student of the gun. Every shooter needs this book.


B. H. Liddell-Hart (1974)

He was one of the greatest military thinkers of all time. His "Man-in-the-Dark"-Theory of Infantry Tactics is standard curriculum in our courses. "Strategy" is a book Liddell Hart's theory of the so-called "Indirect Approach" and its universal application in battles of every century. The samples of historical evidence begin in the antiquity, but the book has its focus on World War 2. Highly recommended!

About Face

David Hackworth (1989)

The tale of a warrior. Hackworth served extensively in Korea and Vietnam, leading infantry at various levels in combat. He transformed hopeless bunches of undisciplined boys into units of battle-hardened men. There is a reason why he was called "Mr. Infantry". A great inspiration for all of us!

Extreme Ownership

Jocko Willink; Leif Babin (2017)

Caution: This book will change your life. The Ex-Navy SEAL's Jocko and Leif have written the most powerful book on leadership of the 21st century. It is not without reason that it marks our first recommended reading, because we are sure that without Extreme Ownership, our brand would never have been such a huge success. Both veterans of the War on Terror in Iraq, Jocko commanded the famous Task Unit Bruiser and Leif was one of his platoon leaders, these guys literally walked through fire. The described leadership principles are explained one by one with a military combat example and a civilian business example, so that everyone understands it. GET AFTER IT!