Lost Art

The training of people in combat-proven methods is a dying business. There will be no flashy Youtube-Videos here, only the written words of people who have been there and done that. We provide it without cost for you, but you have to put the effort in.

Resources in German


Hans von Dach, 1969

Sehr umfassendes Werk zu allen Aspekten der Kampfweise und Taktik des Heeres mit Wissensstand Ende der 1960er-Jahre. 

Alle Bände als pdf, 643 Seiten.

"Der totale Widerstand"

Hans von Dach, 1957

Detaillierte Lehrschrift über die Möglichkeiten des Kleinkrieges in der Schweiz im Falle einer Besetzung durch die Sowjetunion im Kalten Krieg. Das beste Werk in deutscher Sprache in dieser Thematik.

pdf-Format, 257 Seiten.

"Kriegsnah ausbilden"

Heeresamt, 1985

Ausbildungshilfe für die Durchführung des Gefechtsdienstes. Wenig infanteriespezifisch, sondern eher auf die breite Grundlagenausbildung ausgerichtet.

pdf-Format, 111 Seiten.

Resources in English


USMC MCDP 1, 1997

On of the most dense texts on a modern understanding of war. Essential as an educational step for every fighting man, especially officers.

pdf, 109 pages.

"Scouting & Patrolling"

Rex Applegate, 1980

Ground Reconnaissance Principles and Training. The author developed the close-combat-system for the OSS in World War 2 and worked with legends like David Stirling (SAS) and William Fairbairn (Royal Marines).

pdf, 127 pages.

"Rifle Marksmanship"

USMC MCRP 3-01A, 2001

A classic when it comes to marksmanship training. If we close both eyes regarding the chapter on the double-tap-disease, a pretty solid document. "Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman."

pdf, 118 pages. 

"Infantry Half-Kilometer"

Major Thomas Ehrhardt, 2009

Perhaps the most influential paper on the use and develoment of the rifle at war in the 21st century so far. A must-read.

pdf, 76 pages.

"Killing Zone"

Gary Stubblefield; Mark Monday, 1994

The ambush is propably the most important light infantry tactic after the principle of fire & movement. This very comprehensive book lays out all the details on ambushes in tactical terms.

pdf, 266 pages.

"Own the Night!"

US Army, 1996

Handbook on US Army SOP's up to platoon level and the use of night vision devices up to the AN/PVS-7. Includes targets and descriptions how to zero the AN/PAQ-4 target illuminators and the use of phoenix beacon.

pdf, 89 pages.

"Japanese Night Combat"

US Army, 1962

A study on the principles of night combat. It explains why Japanese infantry carried out very successful night actions in the pacific war and why allied forces lacked essential night combat capabilities.

pdf, 516 pages.