Battle Lab

Our drive is the future of war. We support the industry with pre-troop trials, saving time and money for our customers. Military forces can benefit from our superior flexibility and adaptability in exploring new ideas outside of the bureaucratic box. 


Over the past 30 years military spending and recruiting in many countries declined. Now that everyone realizes this as a failure, a lot of capabilities are lost. At the same time Western societies struggle with the digital transformation, which makes traditional core values of infantry forces less attractive for young people. Our goal is to bring back a responsibility-oriented mindset through high quality training for the public. We also offer events tailored to military forces or the leadership needs of your company on demand.


If you want to learn even more about the facettes of warfare, then go check out our Strategy & Tactics Podcast. We offer a wide variety on combat-related topics there, coming with different subscription models. Check it out!