You need to master the fundamentals to succeed in combat. There is no such thing as "advanced training". Regardless of the topic, real professionals are able to execute basic skills under the harshest circumstances. Procedures and equipment has to be simple, rugged and flexible at all times. According to this principle our training motto is: "ALWAYS SIMPLE, NEVER EASY". 

All our courses are taught in German language. Nevertheless we are able to offer every event also in English on demand at a moment's notice.

Battle Lab 

Training Program

Are you ready for more? Challenge yourself at INSPECTION! If selected you will be trained up to our STANDARD and given the possibility to be part of our Battle Lab cadre.


A few have it already in them and some will never get there, but most individuals can develop a true and efficient Combat Mindset. We share the attitude of the Royal Marines: You may already have it.

Leadership & Tactics

Light Infantry forces can adapt to every environment. Take the initative and learn how to lead by example and master essential tactics.


Physical fitness and marksmanship are core values of every light infantry force. No bullshit, no fancy stuff, no range theatrics: These courses are all about the tactical reality and proven ways to deliver hits in combat .

Military History

The analysis of battles in the past is a well-established method for success in future war. Listen to our Strategy & Tactics Podcast and take a look at our unique BATTLEFIELD events!

Our customers

We train civilians, law enforcement agencies and military forces. Some of our courses are only open for LE / MIL to apply. Download our customer policy below to check if you or your agency can be trained.